Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring in my own food and beverages?

Yes, we let you bring in your own caterer or your own food! We have a large refrigerator, warming oven, triple bowl sink, microwave and toaster type oven for your use.


Are the chairs and tables included with the price?

Yes, all the tables and chairs are included. There is no extra charge for anything we have.  We have 120 white chairs for your weddings and other events as well as numerous other folding and padded chairs too. We have round six foot in diameter round tables as well as six – five foot round ones too. In addition, we have about a dozen six and eight foot rectangular tables.


What is the caboose used for?

Our heated and AC controlled caboose is usually used to serve food buffet style.


Can I do the ceremony and reception there too?

Yes, we do a lot of those these days! You can use the deck for the ceremony or inside and move the tables in when the ceremony is over. You are welcome to configure the tables any way you wish.


Is there a dance floor?

Yes we have a real teak dance floor that you can use at no extra charge.


What about a sound system?

Yes! We have a built in DJ system with DJ lighting available for your use. You can play CD, DVD and computer images on our TVs and large projector screen. Your DJ can plug into our system which may give you a break on DJ fees potentially.


What time can I come in?

You can come in as early as you like on your day of the event. You can stay until around midnight if you wish- we do not double-bill any event on your day.


What about parking?

We have parking along the front and side of the building as well as a parking lot across the street.


How many restrooms do you have?

We have two restrooms. Each one has three fixtures, plus double sinks.


What are your set up and clean up policies?

We will set up the tables and chairs for you, and you can move them around if you like. When your event is over, we ask that you just take out the food and trash to the dumpster in the back yard and we will do the final clean up.


What are your fees?

Our fees depend on the type of event, day of event and number of people. We will work with your budget and find out the best scenario that will work for you and your event! Please Contact us for more information.